How do I register my business for Google Business Messages (GBM)?

How do I register my business for Google Business Messages (GBM)?

When a user finds a brand that you manage in Google Search or Google Maps, the search results display a Message option. When the user clicks Message, they can send messages to the brand's agent. The agent lets you receive and respond to the user's messages.
When you register as a partner with Business Messages, you can enable conversations between users and brands by creating agents—conversational entities that represent business functions, such as website support, and brand locations.
Agent: A conversational representation of a brand, managed by a partner. Includes any interface users interact with and any code or infrastructure required to power the interaction.
Before you begin you will need:
  1. Google Account (This should be a google account using your branded email such as NOT
  2. GMB Account (Your business should be registered and verified with Google My Business: Click Here to learn more about setting up a GMB account.)
  3. Partner Name  (Usually this is your business name or the business you are setting up the GBM account for.)
  4. Google Cloud Platform (You will need a GCP account to set up a project needed to associate the GBM account with: Click here to learn more about setting up a GCP account.
First you will need to create a Google Cloud Platform Project:
  1. Sign in to Google Cloud Platform with your Google account. Click here to take you there.
  2. Create a new project. Enter your company name for Project Name. Then click create. Click here to take you there.
  3. In Project info, note the Project number value. You need this value to register your GCP project.

Don't use the name of a brand you manage for Project name. If you manage multiple brands, you can use the same GCP project for all of the brands.
Next you will need to submit your information to google business Communications and register your GCP project. You'll receive a email once Google registers your project, which can take up to three days.

  1. This link will take to to Google's Business Communications Registration form:

After Google registers your project, Google sends you a confirmation email with your partner information, including a Partner ID and an Partner key (formerly "CRM key" or "authorization key"). Be sure to copy this information and keep it safe.
Now you are registared with Google Business Communications. 
If you are enabling this feature on google so you can use the Business Massaging Feature on our Conversations app, you will also need to create "Agent". Click here for directions on creating an agent.

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