Is a Google My Business listing required?

Is a Google My Business listing required?

In order to gain access to Google's API, we must submit an application. Owning a Google My Business listing tied to your business is a prerequisite to submit the form.

The following steps are required to submit an application to receive your GMB API keys:
Before creating your Google My Business Keys, ensure the following:

               Your domain is live (you should avoid changing your domain after applying for the Google My Business API).

               Your privacy policy and terms of use are available on the domain.

               Your address and email are listed on the website. 


1. To create Google My Business Keys, navigate to Confirm your location and agree to the terms.

2. Click “Select a Project” in the top left corner of your screen. A pop-up will appear. Select “New Project”.  

3. You will be taken to a New Project page. Complete the fields and select “Create”.

4. Once the project has been created, it will display in your dashboard. Click the project to view project info.

5. Navigate to Select “Request access to the API”. This will take you to the Prerequisites page. Select the “Request Access” link.  

6. From the Request Access to the API page, select the “Access Request Form” link.

7. When the application opens, select “Next”.

8. Enter the Project ID, Project Number (you can find this info in Project Information), and email. Select “Next”. 


9. Complete the following: 

       Enter Company Name

       Enter Company Website

       Enter Headquarters Address (enter the address in Google Maps, click the map, copy the URL, and paste in this field)

       Enter Name and Email (should be your corporate email)

       Enter N/A for Google Strategic Partner Manager/Account Manager


Select “Next”.

10. Under Business and Customer Information, select “Third-party / Reseller / Agency”. Select “Next”. 

11. Complete the following on this screen: 

Why do you need access to the GMB API?  

Select: Both


Does your company currently have an approved AdWords API Token?  

Select: No    


If Yes, please provide the last four characters of your AdWords Developer Token

Leave blank


How do you work with clients to manage their locations?

Select: Clients log in to our location management application and make updates


Select “Next”.

12. Complete the following on this screen: 

Do you resell your application to other agencies?

Select: No


What functionality does your application provide to end-users?  

Select: Local review/reputation management


Briefly describe your company’s business model and how you plan to use the GMB API

Using the GMB API, our users will easily monitor, protect, and strengthen their reputations online.


What type of customers do you manage?

Select: Both


Approximately how many locations do you manage using Google My Business today?

Enter: 0


Select “Next”.

13. Complete the following on this screen: 

What type of location management application do you have?

             Select: Both 


What features of the Google My Business API do you plan to use?

Select: Reviews Management


What programming language do you plan on using to develop your application?

Enter: C#


Which other networks does your platform publish location information to?

            Select: N/A


How is your location management application used?

Select: End-customers (business owners or chains) log in to the application directly to manage locations 


Please confirm that you have read and agree to the GMB API policies.

            Select: Yes


Select “Submit”.

 Google will now verify the request and send a notification to your registered email.

Once your request has been approved, you can view your APIs.

14. Enable the Google My Business API from your Library. 

15. Once Enabled, select “Create Credentials”. 


16. Select “OAuth Client ID”. On the OAuth Consent screen, complete the following: 

       Application Type: Public

       Application Name 

       Application Logo

       Support Email

       Authorized domains: Enter the company website URL

       Application Homepage link: Enter the company website URL

       Application Privacy Policy link

       Application Terms of Service link


17. Select “Save” and “Submit for Verification”. You should receive an email from Google when verification is complete. 


18. Once verification is complete, go to OAuth Client ID for creation. Choose "Web Application" and select “Create”.


19. Enter the following Authorized Redirect:

  1.       URL:  (Where partner domain is your reseller domain)


Select “Create”.  

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