Can we send bulk communications to our customer via the reseller dashboard?

Can we send bulk communications to our customer via the reseller dashboard?

Yes, your reseller dashboard has the ability to send bulk messages via Email, SMS, Push Notifications (Mobile App.), and through the DCC.
Communication hub is accessed by logging in to your reseller dashboard account, and clicking on the marketing tab, then the tile labeled Communications Hub.

In the Communications Hub you see a dashboard with all of your previously Published messages, messages that are Scheduled to go out, and any saved Drafts you may have created. You can get started on a new message by click on the "Create Message" button.

Creating and send a bulk communication message:
We provide a robust editor that allows you to create eye catching messages for your customers. 

  1. Message Subject: Add a subject line to grab your customers' attention.
  2. Your Message: Add the body of your message (130 character max).
  3. Add an Image: You can upload and add any images to enhance your message.
  4. Message CTA: Create a call to action button, that links out to any page on the internet; Enter the Display Name for your CTA.
  5. Message CTA Link: Add a link to anywhere on the internet, or link back to your customers DCC login.
TIP: be sure to always include a subject line, especially for bulk emailing, as messages without a subject line will likely be marked as spam or junk.

Next you can select how your message goes out to your customers:
  1. Message Type: Select whether you want to mark this as a Marketing Message (messages meant to engage with your customers) or a System Message (messages meant to notify customers of system issues or updates).
  2. Select the audience you'd like to send your message to: Here you can select the recipients. Currently we allow you to send to either All Accounts, only Active Accounts, only Trial Accounts, only Cancelled Accounts, or only Trial Expired Accounts (or any combination there of).
  3. Send Via: Here you can select whether to send your messages out via All Channels, only Email, only SMS, only Push, or only DCC (or any combination there of).

Once your messaged is composed, and you have selected how your message message will go out and to whom, you now have the option to Save as Draft, Schedule For Later, or Publish this message right away.

Tip: you can instantly Resend any message you previously sent out. For example, if you run the same monthly promotion, you can go to the Published [Tab] of the Communication Hub, then click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the message, and just Resend the same massage.
You may be prompted to enter a Validation Code to send out bulk messages, for more information on this, click here.

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