Will the user be notified upon sign up?

Will the user be notified upon sign up?

Yes, the user will receive a welcome email upon sign up.

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    • Will I be notified when a user signs up?

      Yes, you’ll receive an email notification each time a user signs up. The account will also be visible in your dashboard. ​
    • Will the user be allowed to sign up using the same email more than once?

      No, a unique email is required for a user to sign up.
    • How do I resend a user invitation?

      When creating a user, the user will receive an email to complete the sign up process. If a user states they did not receive the automated email, you can resend it.  Resend user invitation: Select the Users tab Select the envelope icon The invitation ...
    • How do I add a user?

      Users have access to your reseller dashboard. You can set the user's permissions.  Add a user: Select the User tab Select Add User Enter the user's information and select permissions  To add or manage your users, select the Users tab. You can search ...
    • What is my users' signup experience?

      Your Sign Up Page allows your users to sign up for an account with you. You’ll still have the same control over these accounts as ones you create yourself.  To enable user sign up: Select the Settings tab Select Signup and Login Select the toggle ...