Where can I customize my Digital Report Card?

Where can I customize my Digital Report Card?

Our Digital Report Card is an assessment tool that can:
  1. Help marketing and sales teams by equipping them with insights on their lead's online presence.
  2. Help generate and collect leads.
  3. Identify opportunities where you can provide them solutions.
For more information on the sections within the Digital Report Card, click here.
Our Digital Report Card is a marketing tool that gives users a quick assessment of their online presence. Results from report card scans are dependent on platform APIs, which are constantly changing and outside of our control, so we can’t guarantee results are 100% accurate all of the time. 
To customize your Digital Report Card, complete the following steps:

1.       Log in to your reseller dashboard and select the Marketing tab.

2. Select all the tiles you would like to include in your report card.

3.      The following step allows you to customize your form. You can hide\show fields, move fields up\down, and make fields mandatory.

The web-hook section allows you to provide a URL where you can pass the data to a third party, such as your CRM or email drip campaign.
The "Form Email", allows you to specify which email address you want to use to collect lead information.

4.      In the next step, you can customize the report card your users receive.

You can also edit the CTA (call to action) button. You can:
  1. Change the button text
  2. Change the colors
  3. Change the destination URL
  4. Select to open the report in a new tab
  5. Enable\Disable forwarding of the report to your user
    1. When enabled, this will send a copy of the digital report card to the email they provide.

5.       The last step will generate the embed that can be added to your website. 

The report card embed can be added anywhere on your website.
If you make changes to your Digital Report card form, you will need to generate a new embed and add the new embed to your website.