What tools can I use to track user activity?

What tools can I use to track user activity?

We recommend Mixpanel or Klaviyo.


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    • How do I track my user activity?

      To add a third-party tracking embed to your signup page, login page, or dashboard, select the Integrations tab. Copy the code snippet from your third-party tool and paste it in the header or footer.  Map user properties to the variables per the ...
    • What events are monitored in the Activity tab of my dashboard?

      The Activity tab in your dashboard allows you to track and view your user's dashboard activity. Log in to your dashboard, and then select the Activity tab from the top navigation. The Activity tab allows you to track successful, failed, and deleted ...
    • How can I implement tracking?

      The code snippet from the external tool/provider can be inserted in the integrations section of your dashboard. ​
    • Can I track a specific value of user information?

      Yes, user information can be tracked by using these dynamic parameters.  Note: Copy a parameter below and use it within the embed code to start fetching these values. User ID {{user.id}} Copy to Clipboard Email {{user.email}} Copy to Clipboard First ...
    • Are you able to add tracking embed codes to the Dashboard, Sign Up and Login pages?

      Yes. Login to your reseller dashboard and then click on the Integrations tab. Paste the embed code snippet in the </head> tag of your Sign Up Page, Log In Page, and Dashboard to monitor user activity.