What is WHMCS?

What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is a powerful automation and support tool with an all-in-one client management, billing, and support solution for online businesses. It handles everything from sign up to cancelation. 

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    • How do I create the product plans I will provision in WHMCS?

      First, create a product group and then create a product. The products are called plans. These plans are available for your users.  To create a product group, go to Setup > Product / Services > Product / Services. Select Create a New Group. Products ...
    • How can we automate the checkout process?

      If you are looking to automate the checkout and sign up process, check out our API.
    • How do I change my default email provider for WHMCS?

      You can change the email provider, also known as the SMTP relay, by going to the General Settings in your WHMCS instance. Log in to your WHMCS instance. Select the tool icon (at the top right corner), then select the "System Settings" tile, and then ...
    • Can I customize WHMCS to match my website?

      Yes, WHMCS can be easily customized. It integrates seamlessly, allowing you to edit the front-end of your WHMCS instance to match your website. For more information on styling your WHMCS instance click here.
    • Where is my WHMCS instance hosted?

      WHMCS is a self-hosted platform that gives you complete control over your installation and customer data. You have the option to have us create the WHMCS instance for you, or you can use your own WHMCS environment if you already have one created. If ...