What is the Connect Your Social Accounts email?

What is the Connect Your Social Accounts email?

When your user signs up with you, a Connect Your Social Accounts email will be triggered. The user can connect their accounts directly from this email – no logging in to their dashboard required.
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    • Will the user be allowed to sign up using the same email more than once?

      No, a unique email is required for a user to sign up.
    • Do accounts created via the Sign Up Page include a trial?

      Yes, by default, all accounts created via the Sign Up Page will include a free trial. The number of trial days is determined by the trial length you select. To set your trial length, select the Settings tab. Select Signup and Login. Enter the number ...
    • How do I change my default email provider for WHMCS?

      You can change the email provider, also known as the SMTP relay, by going to the General Settings in your WHMCS instance. Log in to your WHMCS instance. Select the tool icon (at the top right corner), then select the "System Settings" tile, and then ...
    • What types of accounts can I offer?

      You can offer your users a Trial or Non-Trial account. You will set the trial status when you create the account for your user. Select Create Account. There are two options for account type: Trial Period and No Trial Period When selecting Trial ...
    • Where can I edit my social keys?

      Add social keys to integrate with the following platforms. None of the keys are mandatory, but if a social key is not added, that platform will not integrate with your tools. If you update your keys later, your users may need to reconnect the ...