What is my users' signup experience?

What is my users' signup experience?

Your Sign Up Page allows your users to sign up for an account with you. You’ll still have the same control over these accounts as ones you create yourself. 

To enable user sign up:

  1. Select the Settings tab
  2. Select Signup and Login
  3. Select the toggle button to enable trial signup on your website
  4. Select the trial link URL
  5. Fill out the form to view the user experience. 

Select the Settings tab.

Select Signup and Login. Select the toggle to enable users to sign up for a trial on your website. 

To deactivate your Sign Up Page, toggle the button to No. These changes will be effective immediately and the Sign Up Page will be redirected to the Log In Page. Select Save.

To view your Sign Up Page, select the link below the toggle button.

Users are required to complete the following fields: First Name, Last Name, Business Name, Email, Password, and Confirm Password

The user will receive the welcome email below.