What is Language Management?

What is Language Management?

Language Management is a feature that allows resellers and partners to provision dashboards in different languages! 
You can select a default language for all your accounts, and also select additional languages your users can choose as their preferred language.

Log in to your Reseller Dashboard and select the "Settings" tab.

Select Language Management.

Select which languages you want to be available to your users.

If you don't see a language you want to offer to your customers, contact your account manager. We can add almost any language you want.
You can also select a default language for accounts.
By default, all accounts are provisioned in English, unless you select another language.

Select Submit to save the settings you have selected. 

Changes to this area only affect future accounts (new accounts) and do not affect any previously created user accounts. For example, if you change your default language to Spanish from English, all new accounts will be created in Spanish, and current user accounts will remain in English.

Your users can change their default language by logging in to their dashboard. Hover over the profile at the top right hand corner and select "My Account".

Here they can select their preferred language.

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