Why is the domain I want not available?

Why is the domain I want not available?

There are a few reasons why your domain may not be available: 

  1. The domain you entered could already be taken.
  2. It could be a premium domain.
  3. It might contain too many characters.
For more information on registering a domain on our platform, click here.

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      Yes, if an account is in a trial or if it is an active subscription, you can purchase domains through our platform. There is no limit to how many domains you can purchase. Select the Buy & Manage Domains tile in your dashboard. Keep in mind some ...
    • How long can I keep my domain?

      If we purchased a domain for your dashboard, the domain will automatically renew every year on the anniversary of the purchase, as long as there is a valid credit card on file. You can check your domain and DNS settings by logging into your Reseller ...
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      You will enter the reseller's domain when you create their account. Select Add a Reseller. In the domain name section, enter the reseller's domain. Example: yourdomainname.com (do not include "http" or "www"). Select Save. Note: The domain name ...
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      Yes, we have an API available to our reseller partners. Click here for all of our API documentation Click.
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