How to add Custom Add-On Products

How to add Custom Add-On Products

You can now offer custom services to your clients. Example: Custom logo, Phone Service, Do It For You Service.

Within the Partner Portal select the pencil icon next to the reseller account you would like to add custom products to. 

Select the Plans tab

Select the pencil icon

Select the Custom Product tab

Select Add Your Own Product

Select the Upload New Image icon to upload a custom image for this product.

Enter the Product Name, Description, and Link. Select the Green check to save product.
Note: The link is an external link that will direct your users to your website Explaining the full features of the products and the option to purchase the products.

Enable the product so you will be able to see it when adding products to your users account.; 

Select Save.

Select the pencil icon next to the user's account.

Phone Support is now added as a custom add-on product.

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