How does a reseller log in to their dashboard?

How does a reseller log in to their dashboard?

Resellers can log in to their dashboard at Enter your email and password to log in. 

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    • How do I add a reseller?

      To add a reseller, log in to your dashboard and select “Add A Reseller”.  Enter the reseller account details, their domain name, and the wholesale cost you will be charging them. Select “Save” to add your new reseller.  You will see the new reseller ...
    • How do I view a reseller's dashboard?

      You can access a reseller's dashboard to assist them with making updates.  Select the globe icon next to the account.  You can now review the reseller's accounts and help them make any necessary updates. 
    • How do I edit a reseller's account?

      After the initial setup of the reseller's account, you will be able to update their account details and pricing.  Select the pencil icon next to the account you want to update.  In the Account Details section, you can edit their name and business ...
    • How do I view an account's dashboard?

      You can view your user's dashboard to help them set up products.  View user's dashboard: Select the globe icon A new browser tab will open with the user's dashboard To view the dashboard, select the globe icon. A new browser tab will open with the ...
    • Can we send bulk communications to our customer via the reseller dashboard?

      Yes, your reseller dashboard has the ability to send bulk messages via Email, SMS, Push Notifications (Mobile App.), and through the DCC. Communication hub is accessed by logging in to your reseller dashboard account, and clicking on the marketing ...