How do you invoice a partner for their resellers?

How do you invoice a partner for their resellers?

The contract details will be the same for the partner. We will add all their partner accounts and reseller accounts, and invoice the main partner.

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    • How do I navigate the Partner Dashboard?

      Your partner dashboard allows you to have an overall view of all resellers. View your total list of resellers. Add a Reseller. Filter your resellers. Select a reseller status to view the accounts with each status.  Active Resellers: Ready to create ...
    • How do my resellers receive their monthly invoices?

      All billing will be handled by the partner within your own billing platform. You will be responsible for creating and managing all invoices.
    • Can we send bulk communications to our customer via the reseller dashboard?

      Yes, your reseller dashboard has the ability to send bulk messages via Email, SMS, Push Notifications (Mobile App.), and through the DCC. Communication hub is accessed by logging in to your reseller dashboard account, and clicking on the marketing ...
    • How do I view the status of each reseller account?

      You will be able to see the status of your resellers. You can also filter your reseller list by status.  By default, you will see all accounts. Select a status tile to only view the account in that specific status. You can confirm you are viewing a ...
    • How do I add a reseller?

      To add a reseller, log in to your dashboard and select “Add A Reseller”.  Enter the reseller account details, their domain name, and the wholesale cost you will be charging them. Select “Save” to add your new reseller.  You will see the new reseller ...