How do I add a user?

How do I add a user?

Users have access to your reseller dashboard. You can set the user's permissions. 

Add a user:

  1. Select the User tab
  2. Select Add User
  3. Enter the user's information and select permissions 

To add or manage your users, select the Users tab.

You can search for an existing user using name, email, or phone number. 

Select “Add User” to add a new user.

Enter the user’s first and last name, email, and phone number. In the User Permissions section, select the checkboxes to customize the user’s access. Select “Save”.

User Permissions Details
Global View: Can view accounts and dashboards created by the admin and other users.
Accounts: Can create, edit, and delete accounts.
Users: Can add, edit, or delete users.
Payment Info: Can access payment information and invoices.
Integrations: Can manage platform integrations.
Business Settings: Can access and manage all settings.

The user will receive an email to “Join Your Team.”

Click the Join Your Team button in the email. The user will be redirected to the Create Your Account page. 

Enter a password for your account. Click Create Account.

The user can now view their selected permissions. 

The reseller admin can now filter accounts by each user.

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