How do I navigate the Partner Dashboard?

How do I navigate the Partner Dashboard?

Your partner dashboard allows you to have an overall view of all resellers.

View your total list of resellers.

Add a Reseller.

Filter your resellers. Select a reseller status to view the accounts with each status. 
  1. Active Resellers: Ready to create accounts within the Reseller Admin
  2. In-progress Resellers: Details are still being added to go live (like branding, DNS records, etc.)
  3. In-provisioning Resellers: DNS records are complete and have been submitted to take it live
  4. Inactive Reseller: Resellers with inactive accounts

Select the pencil icon to edit the reseller's account details.

Update account details and pricing. Select Save.

Select the globe icon to view the reseller's dashboard.

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      You will be able to see the status of your resellers. You can also filter your reseller list by status.  By default, you will see all accounts. Select a status tile to only view the account in that specific status. You can confirm you are viewing a ...
    • How do I view a reseller's dashboard?

      You can access a reseller's dashboard to assist them with making updates.  Select the globe icon next to the account.  You can now review the reseller's accounts and help them make any necessary updates. 
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      Your profile section allows you to update your name, email, phone number, profile picture, and password. To update your profile, hover over the profile icon and select My Profile. Select Edit Photo to upload a new profile picture.  Update any of the ...
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