How do I connect my reseller instance to WHMCS?

How do I connect my reseller instance to WHMCS?

You can connect your reseller instance to WHMCS in the Setup\Add-on Modules section of your WHMCS instance.

1. First you will need to locate your Partner ID Key and WHMCS Private API key.
      Log in to your Reseller Dashboard and select integrations.


2. Add the keys to your WHMCS instance for ReviewRev.

      Log in to your WHMCS admin panel, select the Setup tab, and then search for "Addon Modules".


      Select "Configure" to the right of the ReviewRev Module.

      Copy and paste the partner ID and Private API Key that you retrieved from your Reseller Admin Panel in step 1.


      Select "Save". You have now successfully linked your WHMCS instance to your Reseller Dashboard.

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