How do I configure add-on options in WHMCS?

How do I configure add-on options in WHMCS?

Add On options can be managed and configured through the "Configurable Options" section in WHMCS.

1. Select the Setup tab > Product \ Services > Configurable Options.

Configurable Options on products allow you to give your clients variables which alter the price of that product. Add Ons let you offer additional items which the client has a yes/no choice over and are billed separately or individually from the product.

2. Select the Configurable Options Group you want to manage, and then select the pencil and pad.

3. You will be taken to a list of all the configurable options in the group you selected. Select the pencil and pad of the add-on you want to configure.

4. A pop-up window will launch with the options available for the add-on you selected.

Options Available: 
  1. Option Name: This is the name displayed in your checkout screen and invoice.
  2. Option Type: You can select the type of interface for selecting the add-on, radio button, drop down, etc. (For our products this must always be a radio button.)
  3. Billing Cycle and Price: Set the recurring payment rate for this add-on; for example monthly, annually, etc. The pricing can also be modified here.
  4. Order: Order in which the options appear in. 0 for top, 1 for bottom. 

Items in the Options column should not be modified unless you're familiar with what you're doing. Only the options to the right of the pipe should be modified. Changing the name to the left of the pipe will break the connection of that add-on to the database.

5. Select "Save Changes". 

For more information on Add Ons and Configurable Options, click here.
For a full list of the enums and Add On Configs, click here.
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