How do I become a reseller?

How do I become a reseller?

Start by submitting your contact info at We'll be in touch soon to schedule a demo of our products. 

  1. Sign Up: Sign up as a reseller and get access to our fully white-labeled tools and back end.
  2. Get Started: We'll send you the materials you need to get started – instructions, training, and more.
  3. Give Access: Give your clients access to their new tools and watch their businesses grow.

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    • How do I reactivate a reseller?

      You can make any inactive account active. To do this, you will need to contact us to confirm that the reseller is fully set up on the backend. Select the pencil icon next to the account.  Select the Activate button. Select Yes to confirm. The status ...
    • How do I deactivate a reseller?

      If your reseller no longer wants to continue using your service, you can deactivate their account.  Select the pencil icon next to the account.  Select the Inactivate button. Select Yes to confirm you would like to deactivate the reseller.
    • Where do I enter a reseller's domain URL?

      You will enter the reseller's domain when you create their account. Select Add a Reseller. In the domain name section, enter the reseller's domain. Example: (do not include "http" or "www"). Select Save. Note: The domain name ...
    • How do I edit a reseller's account?

      After the initial setup of the reseller's account, you will be able to update their account details and pricing.  Select the pencil icon next to the account you want to update.  In the Account Details section, you can edit their name and business ...
    • How do I search for a reseller?

      You can use the search function to quickly find a specific reseller. You can search by account name, email, or domain.