How do I add or create a webhook?

How do I add or create a webhook?

To add or create a new webhook from your Reseller Dashboard, log in to your account and select the "Integrations" tab.

This area is for advanced users with an understanding of what data needs to be synchronized from the Reseller Dashboard to a third-party application.

Select "Webhooks" and then select "Add Webhook".

You can configure a maximum of 10 Webhooks in your Reseller Dashboard.

To start creating your webhook, you'll need an Endpoint Name and Endpoint URL.

This is usually the name of the third-party application you want to sync with, for example Endpoint Name: Mailchimp and Endpoint URL: "https://$$list_id/members". This information is provided by the third-party application.Auth Username and Password are optional and are sometimes provided by third-party applications.

The webhook events that we currently allow are:

Account Created
Account Updated
Account Canceled
Account Activated

o    Project Created
Project Updated
Project Canceled
Project Activated
Trial Project Created
Trial Days Updated
Trial Expired
Trial Canceled

Click Save to save your webhook.

You can view your created webhooks by going back to the "Webhooks" tab in Integrations.

For more information on webhooks, click here.

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