How can we automate the checkout process?

How can we automate the checkout process?

If you are looking to automate the checkout and sign up process, check out our API.
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    • What is WHMCS?

      WHMCS is a powerful automation and support tool with an all-in-one client management, billing, and support solution for online businesses. It handles everything from sign up to cancelation. 
    • Can my client purchase from the storefront I created in WHMCS?

      Yes, your clients can purchase any product bundle that is created in WHMCS. A client can simply select "Order Now" and complete the purchase on the following screen. They can then select Checkout. Add the payment information and complete the order. ...
    • Is a Google My Business listing required?

      In order to gain access to Google's API, we must submit an application. Owning a Google My Business listing tied to your business is a prerequisite to submit the form. The following steps are required to submit an application to receive your GMB API ...
    • What is my users' signup experience?

      Your Sign Up Page allows your users to sign up for an account with you. You’ll still have the same control over these accounts as ones you create yourself.  To enable user sign up: Select the Settings tab Select Signup and Login Select the toggle ...
    • Do sub-resellers go live immediately?

      No, the sub-reseller must follow the same onboarding process as the reseller. After onboarding, we will be able to take the sub-reseller's dashboard live.