Can I log in as a client from the WHMCS admin portal?

Can I log in as a client from the WHMCS admin portal?

Yes, you can log in as a client to check any information in their client area.

Log in to your WHMCS admin portal, navigate to the client's profile, and then select "Log in As Client". This will redirect you to their client area.


You can view and edit information on your client's behalf or troubleshoot any issues they may be having.

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    • Where can my clients see their paid and unpaid invoices?

      Your clients can check their invoices by logging in to their client area: Select Invoices.  You can view your client's invoice by navigating to the client profile, selecting the client, and then selecting the Invoices tab from the WHMCS admin panel.
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      Your clients can update their payment information by logging in to their client area. Under Your Info, select "Update". Select Payment Methods from the left hand navigation. From here, clients can edit their current payment method, delete their ...
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      You can connect your reseller instance to WHMCS in the Setup\Add-on Modules section of your WHMCS instance. 1. First you will need to locate your Partner ID Key and WHMCS Private API key.              Log in to your Reseller Dashboard and select ...