Can commissions be enabled for Google Ads?

Can commissions be enabled for Google Ads?

Commission is an automatic bidding strategy in which the advertiser pays a certain portion of the conversion value to an agency. You can set the percentage value on how much is added per click.

Conversions can be enabled for your customers by first logging into your reseller admin dashboard, and select the settings tab:

On the next screen select the Social Keys tab, then "Google Ads" (from the left hand navigation), and Click on the Advanced Options.
You can enable agency commissions, and set the percentage amount that will be added to each click.

A Google Ads manager account will need to be connected to your account. This can be done on this same screen, by clicking on the button labeled "Connect Manager Account". You will need to provide the account credentials for the account.

You will now have the option to enable Google ads commissions at the account level.
Simply select the "pencil" icon to edit the settings on the account you want to enable Google Ads Commissions.

In the next screen you can update the Google Ads Commissions settings:

Percentages set at the account level will supersede the percentage set at the reseller level. 
Amount off spend on the Google Ads UI will not have the commission charges. The amount shown on the DCC level WILL have marked up cost.
The variables affected that are shown on the campaign overview card are:
  1. Average CPC
  2. Cost / Spend
  3. Cost / Conversion

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